TRUVU Shipping and Receiving Guidelines

Order Process:

Once your order is placed, it is entered into our system for process.  If you've ordered an "in stock" item we make every effort to ship within 1 to 2 business days. (Weekends and Holidays are not counted as a business day). Items that are built to order will require additional time to manufacture and package.  The manufacturing lead time is constantly changing, based on our current work load.  Please contact us prior to ordering to check our current production lead time. (623) 242-5649.


We do everything possible to insure you will have a trouble free shipment and damage free delivery. We inspect each product prior to packaging to be sure it is free of any damage or defect.  We then pay special attention to insure we package our products so they will be protected well during the shipping process.


Once your item has been packaged and ready for shipment we book shipment with the appropriate shipping company.

 Smaller items: Smaller items that are shippable via UPS, FedEx or USPS are shipped using the most cost effective of the three.

Larger items: Larger items that require trucking are packaged on a pallet and protected with styrofoam, cardboard and shrink wrap.  These larger items are booked with the most cost effective trucking line available to your area.

Crating:  Crating is available at an additional cost.  If you're interested in having your product crated please contact us for the additional cost. The cost is based on the size of your item.  (623) 242-5649.

Shipping Rates:  Shipping rates are based on product size, weight and the distance from our Chandler, AZ factory to your location. Our website has the ability to calculate the shipping rate for you... prior to purchase.  Simply add the item to your cart and add your ship to address.   The site will calculate the shipping cost. Please note: orders over $899.99 ship for FREE.

Tracking: Once your order has shipped you will be provided with the tracking number.  If your item has been shipped with a trucking company the tracking number isn't assigned until the driver physically picks up.  At that time, we will provide you with the tracking number and the trucking companies tracking link as well.

Receiving: Once the shipment has left our factory UPS, FedEx USPS and all trucking companies assume full responsibility and liability for the shipment.  We have no control over any delays or the time it takes for transit and delivery.  (if you have any special needs for faster delivery contact us prior to placing your order and we will see if it's possible to deliver faster and calculate the additional costs you'll be paying for the expedited delivery service).

Items that ship UPS, FedEx and USPS are delivered to your door step.  It is your responsibility to be sure you have a safe and secure delivery area.  We are not responsible for any items that are stolen from your location after delivery. If you are concerned about theft contact us prior to shipment so we may attempt to find a secure location for your delivery to be sent to. (ex: Held at UPS, FedEx or Post Office near you.

Items send via trucking will require someone to be at the ship to location to inspect and sign for acceptance. The trucking companies will contact residential deliveries prior to scheduling the delivery.  You may arrange with them a mutual day and time when you are both available for the delivery.  They may request a delivery window of time. Trucking companies do not deliver on weekends or holidays.

Signing for acceptance of delivery: When you sign for your delivery you are signing away all liability of damage and the right to file a damage claim from the shipping company.  It is your responsibility to inspect your shipment for any signs of damage. Do not be rushed or coerced into signing prior to inspection. It is the shipping companies responsibility to deliver your product in perfect condition.

In the event of damage: We have a 99.9% damage free shipping record and do not expect there to be any problems with your shipment.  There is always that one off chance the shipping company may have an accident while handling your shipment. In that unlikely event..., if there are any signs of damage please write on the "bill of lading" that there is damage to the shipment. *Prior to signing your signature... Then contact us ASAP so we may assist you in filing a damage claim. If the damage is minor we will try to find a way to repair it.  If the damage is significant we will manufacture and ship you another item. (any damaged items are prioritized in our production line to run immediately).  Signing for acceptance and not making note of the damage will make it difficult if not impossible to file a damage claim.

Shipping locations:  We ship to the continental United States as well as Hawaii.  We do not ship to Canada.  In the event you are located in Canada and would like to order we can help assist you in finding a US side boarder delivery store/warehouse that we can ship to.  You will need to cross the boarder into the US side to pick up at that location.

International:  We do not ship internationally.