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About TRUVU Aquariums

TRUVU Aquariums, we bring you -  "Tomorrows Aquarium Today"

Our founding and why we choose to fabricate with acrylic over glass.

Why Acrylic over Glass?

Back in 1972, two Northern California fish enthusiasts had the desire to build their own line of aquariums… they established TRUVU Aquariums.  In a very small 400 Sq. Ft.  shop, our founders (Bill Montgomery and Bernie Pugh) did extensive research to find the best material to use in their new line of aquariums.

Glass aquariums were the standard back then, when they compared glass to acrylic, glass had too many disadvantages. They also agreed that glass aquariums were very unattractive. They looked old and dated. They had poor visual clarity and the silicone seams were just plain ugly.  The silicone ages, gets brittle and glass aquariums develop leaks as they age.

When they looked at the properties of Acrylic they found it was lighter, had  better insulating capacity (more constant water temperature and healthier for fish). It was also more optically clear, could be bent for beautiful corners and most important, acrylic is 17 times more impact resistant than glass.  At that time one of our founders had a toddler. He was concerned about what would happen if a glass aquarium was impacted with a toy or knocked over on his child. The safety advantages of acrylic over glass couldn’t be argued. And that’s why they chose to fabricate TRUVU aquariums utilizing acrylic over glass!

Innovation and Product Longetvity

Since our founding, TRUVU aquariums has been the innovator of many aquarium products. TRUVU Aquariums developed many of the shapes and sizes that are industry standards today. In the 1980’s we were building acrylic wet/dry filters and sumps way before they became popular.

The early 90's saw the introduced of our AIO Aquasystem aquarium with built in filtration.  In that same era we presented our line of Nano aquariums the "TRUVU Micro Series". 

We’ve manufactured thousands and thousands of aquariums for consumers, retail fish stores and wholesale facilities. Many of the aquariums we fabricated decades ago are still up and operational today.

Out of all the aquariums we built many years ago we have a favorite. It’s the 180-gallon aquarium built back in 1974 for Albany Aquarium in Albany, CA. It’s still in use today as their feeder goldfish tank. It may not be as sexy as it was back then… but it is still holding water…after 44 + years! Think about that, do you have a Car, TV, Stereo, or glass aquarium that’s lasted that long? Not many do. While we don’t guarantee all the aquariums we build will last that long. Here is proof, with proper care, they can.

Traditional and Advanced Fabrication

While we’re very proud of our past we know we can’t live in it. To this day we still maintain the hobbyist spirit and mindset.  We are constantly engineering new aquariums, aquarium systems, and filtration products. Utilizing our traditional fabrication methods along with contemporary equipment like CNC routers, CAD design software and Laser cutters we are determined to keep our products at the forefront of the aquarium industry… That's why our tag line from the 1970's still holds true... we bring you "Tomorrows Aquarium Today".