About Us

In our journey of inception and the rationale behind our choice of acrylic over glass fabrication.


Why Acrylic Triumphs Over Glass?

Way back in 1972, two dedicated fish enthusiasts from Northern California embarked on a mission to create their own lineup of aquariums, thus giving birth to TRUVU Aquariums. Housed within a modest 400 Sq. Ft. space, our visionary founders, Bill Montgomery and Bernie Pugh, delved into extensive research to unearth the optimal material for their groundbreaking aquarium range.


During that era, glass aquariums held sway as the conventional choice. Yet, upon comparing glass with acrylic, it became apparent that glass bore a multitude of shortcomings. The unanimous consensus was that glass aquariums lacked allure – they exuded an antiquated aura. Their visual clarity was subpar, marred by unappealing silicone seams that deteriorated over time, rendering the aquariums susceptible to leakage as they aged.


Upon scrutinizing acrylic's attributes, a revelation emerged – it was lightweight, showcased superior insulating capabilities (ensuring consistent water temperature for healthier fish), boasted enhanced optical clarity, and could be molded into elegant corners. Crucially, acrylic's standout feature lay in its remarkable impact resistance – a staggering 17 times more resilient than glass. An intriguing facet that swayed the founders was safety; envisioning the potential peril of a glass aquarium colliding with a child's toy or toppling over, the unequivocal safety advantages of acrylic prevailed. Hence, the decision was made to forge TRUVU Aquariums using acrylic, propelling it over the limitations of glass.


Pioneering Innovation and Enduring Quality

From its inception, TRUVU Aquariums has held the mantle of innovation across various aquarium products. Our inaugural creation was the iconic Betta Box, a product that remains part of our heritage to this day. The link below grants a glimpse into the product that marked our genesis. In the 1980s, we spearheaded the production of acrylic wet/dry filters and sumps, pre-empting their eventual popularity.


The early 90s heralded the introduction of our AIO Aquasystem aquarium, complete with integrated filtration. Concurrently, we unveiled our line of Nano aquariums, the "TRUVU Micro Series." Across time, we've manufactured a plethora of aquariums for individual enthusiasts, retail fish stores, and wholesale establishments. Many of the aquariums crafted decades ago stand resilient and functional even today.


Among our myriad creations from the past, one holds a special place – the 180-gallon aquarium crafted in 1974 for Albany Aquarium in Albany, CA. Remarkably, it still thrives as their feeder goldfish haven, defying the years with its unyielding endurance. Reflect on this: how many possessions endure for 44+ years, withstanding the test of time? It's a rarity. While we refrain from guaranteeing such longevity for every aquarium we craft, this example stands as evidence that with proper care, enduring quality is attainable.


Balancing Tradition and Advancement

Though we take immense pride in our storied history, we acknowledge that we mustn't dwell solely in the past. Even today, we uphold the spirit and ethos of hobbyists, incessantly innovating and engineering new aquariums, systems, and filtration products. Merging traditional fabrication methods with contemporary tools like CNC routers, CAD design software, and Laser cutters, we're resolute in maintaining our position at the vanguard of the aquarium industry. Thus, the tagline that epitomized our vision in the 1970s remains valid – we present you with "Tomorrows Aquarium Today."