TRUVU Warranty

Limited Product Warranty

Products manufactured by Aqua Plex Products Inc. / TRUVU Aquariums carry a 2 year warranty against leakage.  See warranty information below.

Third party products distributed by Aqua Plex Products Inc./TRUVU Aquariums or included within our products are covered by that manufacturers warranty. Those third party warranty claims must be presented to their respectful companies. 

Please read carefully and keep your original Invoice as proof of purchase.

Your TRUVU brand aquarium is constructed with the finest acrylic plastic available to ensure durability and service. In the event your TRUVU brand aquarium leaks due to faulty workmanship within 2 years from the date of purchase Aqua Plex Products Inc. will repair or replace the item free of charge, at our discretion, subject to the following conditions. 

Failure of the aquarium must be the result of manufactures defect and not due to improper use or malicious damage. Failure to provide full and solid basal support for the bottom of the aquarium and/or use of stands supporting only the perimeter of the aquarium constitutes improper use and TRUVU will not be held responsible for damage incurred thereby. 

Modification, addition or other change to the aquarium by purchaser shall void this warranty. Cosmetic damage to the surface of the aquarium “crazing”  IS NOT covered by our warranty. Damage from use of Metal Halide lighting IS NOT covered by this warranty. The liability of the company is to the original purchaser, under the terms of this warranty liability is limited to the replacement value of the aquarium and the company shall not be liable for the replacement of costs of flora or fauna damaged thereby or any other consequential damages. Furthermore, Aqua Plex Products Inc. shall not be held liable for removal, reinstallation, shipping or others costs incurred obtaining warranty repair or replacement.

The attached warranty card must be properly filled out and returned to Aqua Plex products Inc. within fifteen (15) days from purchase date for warranty to be in effect. You may also register your warranty online at 

Return of the attached card or online registration is a condition precedent to warranty coverage. 

Upon discovery of the failure, the aquarium must be promptly forwarded pre-paid to Aqua Plex Products Inc.. Our company will repair or replace the unit within fifteen (15) days from the time the unit is received by Aqua Plex Products Inc. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You also have implied warranty rights."

Proof of purchase from an authorized TRUVU dealer must be provided when making a warranty claim.