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Lifegard 4x6 Acrylic Safe Algae Pad

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Lifegard 4x6 Acrylic Safe Algae Pad

We suggest the TRUVU Cleaning Method utilizing the use of two pads... (see below)

Acrylic surface friendly Algae Scrub Pads are safe, non-toxic and easy to use for removing line scum, unsightly algae and other deposits that form on the interior aquarium surface.

 *TRUVU Cleaning Method... use two cleaning pads.  One horizontally at the bottom gravel line. When finished cleaning the gravel line shake that pad under water to remove any gravel you may have picked up... Remove the gravel pad from tank.  Clean the remaining interior surface with your second tank  pad.  Using the TRUVU Method eliminates the possibility of you accidentally picking up gravel and scratching your aquarium.  Simple but very effective.

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