TRUVU Aquariums IRS Overflow Return plumbing Kit

TRUVU Aquariums IRS Overflow Return plumbing Kit

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Tubing Length
VCA Random Flow Nozzle

TRUVU Integrated Return System (IRS) Aquarium Overflow Return Kit

TRUVU IRS Return Kit upgradable to add the VCA Random Flow Generator Nozzle.

This return plumbing kit is for use in returning the water from your sump pump back through your overflow box.  Please select the proper size vinyl tubing for your needs.  The length of tubing represents the height of your aquarium.  The use of this kit requires 2 - 3/4 in. bulkhead holes drilled into your overflow box... one in the bottom and the other just below the skimming teeth. (Hole size to fit bulkheads is 1 1/2 in. diameter)

The TRUVU Integrated Return System IRS Return Kit consists of the following:

2- 3/4 in. slip x hose barb straight fittings

1- 3/4 in. slip x slip bulkhead

1- 3/4 in. slip x hose barb elbow

1- 3/4 in. thread x slip bulkhead

1 - 3/4 in. Locline NPT thread x round fitting

1- 3/4 in. Locline 6 in. centipede hose section

1- 3/4 in. Locline Nozzle

1- Length of 3/4 in. vinyl tubing *please select size needed for the height of your aquarium.