TRUVU Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Descriptions


TRUVU Freshwater Aquariums - where innovation meets functionality for the ultimate aquatic experience. Crafted with precision using cutting-edge cell cast acrylic, these aquariums redefine the standard of excellence in aquatic design. With a top configuration thoughtfully designed to seamlessly accommodate freshwater hang-on filters and canister filters, maintaining a thriving underwater ecosystem has never been easier.

Our commitment to convenience and flexibility is showcased by the strategically placed openings that accommodate heaters and circulation pumps. This means you have the freedom to personalize your tank’s environment according to your aquatic companions’ needs. The inclusion of main access covers further streamlines maintenance and upkeep, ensuring that you can dedicate more time to enjoying the captivating beauty of your underwater world.

Elevate your aquatic journey with TRUVU Freshwater Aquariums, where intelligent design and functional innovation combine to offer you a hassle-free, visually stunning, and thriving freshwater oasis. Dive into a realm of endless possibilities and create a mesmerizing aquatic masterpiece like never before.


TRUVU Saltwater Aquariums - the pinnacle of aquatic excellence. Crafted with precision using premium cell cast acrylic, these tanks redefine luxury in marine design. Designed with your saltwater ecosystem in mind, our internal overflow boxes seamlessly accommodate sump-style filtration, a hallmark of advanced saltwater setups.

Openings for heaters and circulation pumps provide unparalleled control, allowing you to sculpt the ideal marine environment. With main access covers enhancing ease of maintenance, your focus remains on the breathtaking beauty of your aquatic realm.

Elevate your marine journey with TRUVU Saltwater Aquariums. Discover a world where innovation meets elegance and create an awe-inspiring saltwater sanctuary that's as captivating as it is functional. Dive in and embrace the ocean's allure from the comfort of your home.