Frequently Asked Questions

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General Acrylic Aquarium Questions

The difference between Freshwater aquariums and Saltwater aquariums is how they are configured for filtration. 

Freshwater aquariums feature cut outs in the top of the aquarium to accept heaters, canister filters and hang on power filters that are typically used with Freshwater aquariums. These cutouts accommodate 99 percent of available freshwater filters including the Fluval FX4 and FX6 canister filters .

Saltwater aquariums are fabricated with an internal overflow box permanently built in the aquarium.  The overflow box skims water from the surface of the aquarium into the overflow box.  At the bottom of the overflow box are two holes.  One for transferring the water to a sump style filter. The other hole is for the return water coming from your filter back to the aquarium. Each hole requires connection lines to move the water to and from the aquarium. (Connection lines are sold separately).

No.  All our aquariums are fabricated with the same highest grade of Cell Cast Acrylic. The only difference is the configuration for filtration.

Acrylic aquariums have many advantages over glass aquariums.  Acrylic is 17 times more impact resistant than glass making for a safer aquarium. Acrylic is far lighter than glass, installation is much easier than very heavy glass aquarium.  Acrylic is an insulator; this creates a more stable water temperature for your inhabitants. The seams on an acrylic aquarium are solvent bonded making for a long-lasting aquarium. (We have a 180 Gal. aquarium we built in 1974 that is still up and running).

While acrylic does scratch easier than glass, this issue is misleading.  Scratches in an acrylic aquarium are easily polished out with an acrylic scratch removal kit. Glass aquariums do get scratched (just look at the glass aquariums in your local fish store).  You can’t polish out a scratch in a glass aquarium, you’re stuck with it. The most common way scratches are made is by picking up a piece of gravel in your algae pad. The best way to avoid this is by using the TRUVU algae scrubbing method.  Simply use two acrylic safe algae cleaning pads inside your aquarium.  Utilize one for the gravel line only and the other for the rest of the aquarium.  This will prevent scratching the inside of your aquarium.  Remember if you do get a scratch, it’s easily polished out.

Yes.  The logo is simply a decal.  We have to ship our aquariums with our brand name on them.  Once you're in possesion of your aquarium you are more than welcome to remove the logo.  Simply peel the decal off.

Yes.  We build custom size rectangular aquariums.  (We do not build hexagons etc...) Our limitations are a max length of 96" (8 feet) x 36" in width and 36" in height. We also build custom acrylic items other than aquariums for labs, tradeshow devises etc... To obtain pricing please click on our custom aquarium quote form link in the "acrylic aquariums" section of our menu. 


We offer a tremendous amount of aquarium sizes, back colors (and in saltwater aquariums), overflow placement.  It’s not possible to stock all the options.  We build aquariums over 29 Gallons to order.  We run our production schedule based on the orders placement date.  Our lead times are based on the volume of orders we have in house.  Our average lead times are between 3 and 6 weeks.  (to view current lead time estimates look in the description section of the item you’re looking to purchase, they are listed there) The lead time takes into account the clearing of the previously placed orders as well as the time it takes to fabricate your order.  Lead times are our best estimate of time and are never a guarantee.

Once an order comes off the production line it goes into packaging.  We package larger items on a pallet. Once the order is packaged, we book it for shipment.  At that time, we contact you via email.  We forward the shipping and tracking information to you in the email.  You can track your order with the included tracking link we send you in the email.  


Once your order is shipped the trucking company takes over the control from that point forward.  The shipping company will add your order to their tracking system once the truck has returned to the terminal. Tracking may not start until later in the evening or the next day after it's been picked up.  Once the shipment reaches your local terminal the trucking company will call to you to set up a delivery day and window of time.  The trucking companies deliver "curbside" only.  They do not carry the delivery inside a home, garage etc...  We ship orders to be lowered off the truck with a "liftgate".  Once off the truck the responsibility becomes yours to get the items inside your location.  Prior to signing for acceptance be sure to look the shipment over for any signs of damage. 

(Please note we have a 99% no damage freight record).  In the highly unlikely event, there is an issue with damage on your shipment do not panic.  First, please take pictures.  Next be sure to make a note on the bill of lading that there is damage. (Signing for acceptance without making note of damage will create an issue with filing a damage claim).  Finally, please email us and let us know that there was an issue with the shipment.  We will take it from there. A replacement item will be started right away (no lead time wait).  We will ship your replacement item as soon as it's off the production line (Usually 1 to 2 weeks). As mentioned, we have an excellent shipping record and do not expect there to be an issue.