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TRUVU Wet Dry Filter

TRUVU Wet Dry Filter 300

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TRUVU Wet Dry Filter 300

TRUFLO Series Model 300

Rated up to: 300 Gallons

Size: 36x16x16

TRUVU brand TRUFLO Wet Dry filters have been tested and proven! TRUFLO filters have been providing top notch filtration for over 30 years. These traditional style wet dry filters include the proper amount of bio media for the rating. Each TRUFLO filter has been designed and tested to accommodate the volume of water released from the aquarium in a power outage.  This means No Water On Your Floor!

TRUFLO drip trays are tested and balanced to flow up to 10 times the rated aquarium volume. Water flows through the drip tray and rains over the bio media.  In the bio chamber the water is broken down to a fine thin film. At this point the dirty aquarium water is exposed to beneficial bacteria. This beneficial bacteria removes  toxic Ammonia and Nitrite from the aquarium water.  One of the biggest advantages of a TRUFLO wet dry filter is the amount of oxygen that enters the water at this point. (near saturation levels)  This means healthy happy fish!

Room for an aquarium heater has been provided in the Wet section. This is to eliminate the need of placing an unsightly heater in your aquarium. From the wet section the water flows into the pump chamber. (pump sold separately).  The clean oxygen rich water is then pumped back to the aquarium.


  • 1 in. Bulkhead fitting(s)
  • Intake cover with air exchange holes
  • Salt creep inhibiting rails built into the intake cover and drip tray
  • Balanced flow drip tray
  • Bio media
  • Egg crate bio supporting platform
  • Evaporation inhibiting sump cover
  • 1/4 in. acrylic construction

*When run at the proper water height.

Also available and sold separately:  Connection hose, Pump and IRS Return kit