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Rossmont SX500

Black Friday Cyber Monday Rossmont SX500 Protein Skimmer

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The Rossmont SX500 Skimer Protein Skimmer features a Riser SX500 pump. The pump can be controlled with a Waver Controller (not included) and free App. The SX500 is easy to adjust and features quiet operation, a small footprint, large reaction chamber and collection cup, and a drain valve.

  • Includes a quiet 990 gph Riser SX500 Pump with a needlewheel impeller. It's very easy to remove and clean. Though controllable, the SX500 Pump is an AC pump. AC pumps last much longer than DC pumps.
  • Dimensions: Length 9"; Width 14"; Height 20".
  • Max power consumption 34W; Sump water level 9"; Reaction chamber capacity 2.4 gallons; Cup capacity .5 gallons.
  • Aquarium ratings: fish only 500 gallons; low population 320 gallons; high population 160 gallons.
  • The Skimer is adjusted by opening and closing a gate valve to set the water level.
  • Comes with a drain valve, drain hose (plus drain hose cutter) and a drain hose valve.
  • Comes with air silencer.