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TRUVU Aquariums Freshwater Fish Tank

75 Gallon T Freshwater Acrylic Aquarium

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TRUVU 75 Gallon Freshwater Acrylic Aquarium 48x15x24

Built to Order - Hand Fabricated Cell Cast Acrylic 75 Gallon Aquarium

Built to Order – Generally ships in 2 to 3 Weeks – Cover Included - Dimensions listed Length x width x height

TRUVU Model # 75 T Freshwater Acrylic aquariums are constructed with the highest grade cell cast acrylic plastic by skilled technicians, employing conventional, as well as CNC equipment. Our products reflect the knowledge, pride and skill gained by more than four decades of experience. Our Freshwater aquariums are built to accept 99% of standard freshwater filters. We provide a filter slot to accommodate hang on the back as well as canister filters. Also provided is a hole for the heater. If you prefer a custom top configuration please contact us and we’ll help you with that.

Dimensions: 48" L x 15" W x 24" H

This aquarium includes:

  • Clear removable opening cover
  • Bent front corners
  • Filter slot
  • Heater hole
  • Choice of clear (standard) back or custom back (blue/black)
  • 3/8" Body - 3/8" Top
  • *Actual Gallons 74.2

*In the title naming of each aquarium we follow Industry standards to avoid customer confusion. (Example: The aquarium industry calls a 60x18x20 a 100 Gallon aquarium while it actually holds 93.25 gallons) Within our company we refer to these dimensions as our model #. There are also several different dimensions that are called the same gallons. We differentiate these with an R, L, H, T… etc. We do list the calculated gallons held above for anyone who requires this information.